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Supertrain Episode Guide

     Here is the complete list of broadcast episodes of the "Supertrain" TV series.  The show is launched February 7, 1979 and airs its final repeat on July 28, 1979.  All episodes listed were aired on NBC-TV in either the show's original Wednesday night 8pm (Eastern) time slot or its later Saturday night 10pm (Eastern) slot. 
     The Dan Curtis Productions episodes include the first four broadcast: "Express To Terror," "And A Cup Of Kindness Too," "Hail To The Chief," and "Superstar."  The re-vamped format for the series includes episodes five through nine: "Pirouette," "A Very Formal Heist," "The Green Girl," and "Where Have You Been Billy Boy."  Every episode was of the one-hour format, except for the first "Express To Terror" installment that run two-hours when broadcast.
     A detailed review of each episode is available on this site.  Following down the left-hand column you'll see each "Supertrain" episode's title.  Each and every episode is provided with a page of its own that includes images, details and reviews of the plots, info regarding what aired opposite NBC on ABC and CBS on those evenings.

Episode One
Express To Terror
February 7, 1979

Episode Two
And A Cup Of Kindness, Too
February 14, 1979
June 2, 1979

Episode Three
The Queen and The Improbable Knight
February 21, 1979
June 9, 1979

Episode Four
Hail To The Chief
February 28, 1979
June 16, 1979

Episode Five
March 14, 1979
June 30, 1979

Episode Six
April 7, 1979
June 23, 1979

Episode Seven
A Very Formal Heist
April 14, 1979
July 14, 1979

Episode Eight
The Green Girl
April 28, 1979
July 21, 1979

Episode Nine
Where Have You Been Billy Boy
May 5, 1979
July 28, 1979

The information provided here has been compiled from a variety of sources, including The Internet Movie Database(; ( and TV Guide issues from 1979, as well as from my own collection of "Supertrain" episodes.